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There are a variety of ways to track employee attendance, but using a dedicated employee attendance app is the most efficient and effective way to do so. Clappia is a no-code platform that allows businesses to create custom employee attendance apps without writing any code.

Design Your App with Clappia

Using Clappia's intuitive platform, design an app that captures relevant employee attendance information. Here are the key features and functionalities you can leverage to create an efficient tracker:

Date Selector Block: Add this block to record the date for which attendance is being marked.

Single Selector Block: Create options like "Present," "Absent," or "Late" to record attendance statuses.

Multiple Selector Block: Add a multiple selector block to account for multiple attendance records in a single submission, such as for employees working multiple shifts.

Dropdown Block: Add a dropdown to categorize attendance by department, shift, or location.

These were some of the basic functionalities you could use. To make your app more comprehensive and seamless, take advantage of some more complex features that are quite easy to use and implement:

Calculations and Logic Block: Use this block to automatically calculate total work hours or flag patterns of absenteeism or even for payroll.

GPS location: Capture the location of employees in real time during the time of attendance submission. This can be useful for ensuring that employees are on site and working during their scheduled hours.

Geofencing: Geofencing allows you to restrict employee clock-ins and clock-outs to a specific geographic area. This can be useful for preventing employees from clocking in or out early or late.

Automated reports: Clappia allows you to create automated reports on your employee attendance data. This can save you time and effort in tracking and analyzing employee attendance trends.

Live dashboards: Clappia allows you to create live dashboards to visualize your employee attendance data. This can help you to quickly identify any areas of concern.

Workflows: Implement workflows for your business process to ensure accuracy and consistency in attendance recording.

Benefits of Using Clappia for Daily Employee Attendance Tracking

Using Clappia for daily employee attendance tracking offers several advantages:

Time Efficiency: Clappia's intuitive interface and no-code approach allow you to create a customized attendance tracker quickly, saving time on development.

Accuracy: The approval workflows and data validation features ensure that attendance data is accurate and consistent.

Real-time Tracking: With Clappia, you can track attendance in real-time, making it easier to address attendance issues promptly.

Flexibility: Clappia allows you to adapt your attendance tracker as your organization's needs change, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Data Analysis: The data analysis and reporting tools enable you to derive valuable insights from attendance data, helping you make informed decisions.

Customization: Clappia's customization options make it possible to create an attendance tracker that aligns with your organization's branding and specific requirements.


Daily employee attendance tracking is a fundamental aspect of workforce management, and with Clappia, the process becomes streamlined, efficient, and highly customizable. Whether you need a basic attendance tracker or a more complex system that integrates with your existing tools, Clappia provides a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating and managing your daily employee attendance tracker. 

Sign up for Clappia today and experience the benefits of efficient attendance tracking firsthand. Make attendance management a breeze with Clappia's powerful features and capabilities.


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