Getting Started
Add a Workplace

Add a Workplace

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A Workplace is a virtual boundary for each organization. You can configure your org specific settings like company logo, user access and permissions, notification policies, etc. Here are the steps to create a Workplace.

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1. Signup

Signup on the platform by following the steps mentioned in this link.

2. Get your custom subdomain

Choose a subdomain relevant to your organization. This is the URL that you and your users need to access to see all your apps.

You should receive a confirmation message like this.

Sometimes there is a delay in domain registration, check your email for Workplace details if you see a screen link shown below.

Click on the Visit <workplace_name> link to go to your workplace.

Adding another workplace

In case you are already a part of a Workplace and want to create another Workplace, you should go to any dashboard and find the "Create Workplace" and proceed with the steps similar to the steps mentioned above.