Creating Apps
Publish App

Publish App

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Link Sharing

Link Sharing can be used for users who can use your app without signing up on Clappia. Anyone with the link to your app can use the app and submit data.

In the Distribute tab of your Workplace Details, click on the Link Sharing option.

A right panel with the link sharing settings will appear.

Click on the Enable Link Sharing button to update the app link settings. Copy the URL of the app below and share it with your users.

Advantage of Link Sharing - There is no need of buying licenses for each user, instead users can access your app and submit data without adding them to your workplace.

Disadvantage of Link Sharing - Users cannot submit data from the mobile app without internet and status cannot be assigned to a submission as the data flow is just one way. (they can visit the mobile URL to submit though).

Embed on Website

Embed on website can be used to embed the app in websites or landing pages.

In the Distribute tab, click on the Embed on Website option.

A right panel with the embed settings will appear.

Click on the Enable embedding the app on your website button to activate the embed link. Copy the HTML of the app below and paste it to embed on your website or landing page.

User Access - Assign users to your app

Mobile Apps - Download common Clappia App Launcher to access your apps.

WhiteLabeled Apps - Request a Whitelabeled app for your workplace with your Company Logo.