Workplace Management
Workplace Settings

Workplace Settings

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Workplace Admins can configure multiple settings for their Workplaces like notification preferences, SMTP settings, Date/Time settings etc.

In your Clappia dashboard, go to the workplace settings by clicking on the Workplace Details fromthe left navigation menu.

In the Workplace Details, go to the Preferences tab.

Workplace Info

You can setup the details of your digital workplace such as name of the workplace, address of your company, country where the company is located and the email address of the company.

Edit Logo

You can add the logo of your company in this tab.

Notification Settings

This tab is used to turn ON or OFF Email and Mobile app notifications for all apps and all users of the Workplace.

Note: These settings apply only to the standard submission and status change notifications generated by Clappia.

Emails and mobile notifications generated by using Workflows are not covered by these settings.

SMTP Settings

Emails generated using Clappia Workflows are sent from using Clappia's SMTP server. These emails can be configured to use a company's own SMTP server. We just need to specify the SMTP hostname (e.g., port (e.g. 465), SMTP username (e.g. and password.

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You can setup the format of the date and time in your workplace.


You can create separate groups for users of your workplace.

Other Settings

Delete Workplace

You can submit a request to delete the workplace by simply selecting the option of delete workplace, type delete workplace and click on the Delete button.

Login required to view the Workplace apps

If some apps of the Workplace are made public using Link Sharing, those apps are accessible to users without signing up on Clappia on links such as https://<companyname> But in case, there are many such public apps in the Workplace, it might be difficult to share all these different URLs with external users. For such workplaces, this option can be turned off, so that all public apps of the Workplace can be accessed at https://<companyname>

Disable bulk data operations for Non-App-Admins

This setting covers all bulk data operations like Download Excel, Upload Excel, Connect to Google Sheets. By turning ON this option, only App Admins can do these bulk operations. This setting might be helpful in case the Workplace Admins and App admins don't want their employees to access any data outside Clappia (Excel sheets or Google Sheets)

Navigation Options for Non-Workplace-Admins

By default, all Workplace users can create apps, visit Clappia app marketplace, contact Clappia customer support. These options can be turned OFF in case the Workplace Admins don't want their employees to do that.

Time Zone

This will set the Time Zone for the Workplace. It will be used while handling date and time values in Google Sheets, Excel data download/upload, dynamic print and workflows.

This setting assumes that all data uploaded by all the Workplace users is in the configured Time Zone.